About You-Group, Victorian Training Experts

At You-Group we create,
design and deliver a
range of quality training
for you and your people.

Deb Mulqueen

Director of You-Group Victoria.

Deb has worked in various Department of Justice Roles supervising Parole and Community Corrections Orders before moving into a Prosecutions Role at the Magistrates Court, in both the Adult and Youth Justice Systems.

For the past 15 years, Deb has worked in Senior Clinical and Training roles in the Community Services, Alcohol and Other Drugs, Mental Health, and the Public Sector, including complex management and care Co-Ordination of the community’s most vulnerable people.

Deb is a Licensed Facilitator with Mental Health First Aid Australia and is also an Accredited Drink and Drug Drive, Behaviour Change Supervisor & Program Facilitator with VicRiads.

Deb lives on the Mornington Peninsula with her family and their miniature Cavoodle, named Bruno.

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Our training team consists of qualified professionals who have years of experience working in the Justice, Mental Health, Alcohol and Community Welfare Sectors.

At You-Group we create, design and deliver a range of quality training for you and your people.

Our training team consists of like-minded professionals who have a broad range of Qualifications and years of experience working in various roles across the Justice, Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drugs and Community Welfare Sectors. We believe that education & training can reduce the stigma attached to Mental illness and Drug Dependence in the community.

We aim to reduce educational gaps and are passionate about empowering people with the knowledge and skills to improve and advance their overall health and well-being.

The You-Group Victoria logo was designed by Tracy Evans at Tius Creative.

The name You-Group was chosen to represent who our training is designed for, you, and the word group represents where we come from, our people and what connects us.

The Triskele, design (set deep) is an ancient Irish symbol that represents Mind, Body and Spirit. The Dragonfly is a powerful symbol that represents transformation, adaptability and joy.


What do our clients say about You Group training programs?

The mental health first-aid course is an invaluable course for the workforce or your personal life.
You-group deliver this course amazingly by encouraging group discussion and personal experiences, mixed in with research and studies.
Highly recommend it to everyone!
helium Carlos Peregin ★★★★★
Went to Mental Health First Aid at You-Group. Deb was an amazing facilitator and the group setting was not only valuable but safe and encouraging too. A must for anyone and everyone in any context.
helium Emma Byles ★★★★★
Staff are the ZING in amazing. Training is clear and achievable. Highly recommend.
helium Richie Bloom ★★★★★
A fabulous and very informative 2-day Mental Health First Aid training session facilitated by Deb. Highly recommend!
helium Hayley Fualau ★★★★★